are you ready?

Did you stumble onto my little corner of the web because you’re overwhelmed by ALL. THE. THINGS?

Projects lurking in every corner?

A to-do list that never seems to get to-done?

A calendar that is… over-stuffed, to say the least?

Layers of dust covering the shelves full of tchotchkes?

Well, you’re in luck! Here in my digital world, you’re going to learn how to kick these problems to the curb for good.


  • declutter your physical, digital, and mental spaces

  • organize what’s left

  • better manage your time

  • turn your to-do list into a ta-da list

  • achieve the goals that really matter to you.

so who am i?

Stick around long enough and you’re going to find out that I’m a list-maker by nature. So it’s only right that I introduce myself in list form.

  1. My name is stephanie Pilkerton.

    I was named after Stevie Nicks and therefore have a very high level of bad-assery to aspire to. Oddly enough, Stevie is not a name I’ve ever been called. Stephanie, Steph (bleh!), Stephie (FAMILY. ONLY. FUCKERS!), Stephanie Ann (reserved for my Dad), Stepha (from college friends), and Stephie P (after we watched We’re the Millers, know what I’m sayin’?).

  2. yes, i am a nerd.

    Comic books? Check! Knowing way more about Star Wars than I probably should? Check. Rushes through a to-do list so as to have extra reading time? Check plus!

  3. organizing makes me happy.

    Seriously! Most of the time, I “allow” my husband to fold his own t-shirts. Every now and then, though, I go in and fold it all so that it’s nice and neat and you can see what all the t-shirts are. It gives me the warm fuzzies and a sense of accomplishment.

  4. i’m a wife and dog mom.

    In all reality, it would probably be best to word it as “my husband and I are owned by two Golden Retrievers.” For real, we went wrong somewhere in training them but they trained us perfectly!

  5. horror movies are my love.

    True story: my husband is permanently emotionally scarred because I convinced him to go see the IT remake me in theaters. Also, the Dead Meat podcast and YT channel is my jam when I’m working around the house!